Continental Societies, Incorporated uses HEER + Arts and Humanities (Health, Education, Employment, Recreation and Arts & Humanities) as the framework for developing programs.

HEALTH is the key factor to a quality life.


EDUCATION is essential if youth are to be able to function in the society in which they live.


EMPLOYMENT introduces young people to the world of work and is a top priority if youth are to become economically independent.


RECREATION, the fourth dimension, is an essential part of the lifestyle of each individual – relaxing the mind and body- as she/he works to fulfill his/her goals.


ARTS and HUMANITIES.  ARTS and HUMANITIES will foster an understanding of the past and present through cultural expressions.

Each chapter surveys, investigates, and reports the needs and problems of children and youth in their area. Under the Continental Societies umbrella, hundreds of projects have been implemented. Health projects range from health fairs and substance abuse prevention programs to asthma awareness programs. Educational projects include African American Read-In sponsorships, tutoring programs and scholarship awards. Career workshops and job placement programs are components of the employment program. Recreational programs emphasize physical, individual and spectator activities for all students including handicapped children. Cultural enrichment is provided in the arts and humanities program.