Black History Month

African American Read-In

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson

representing the state's 30th congressional district

reading to our children

Oratorical Contest

Continentals support Charles Rice Learning Center as judges


A very important program that encourages perfect attendance in a South Dallas Elementary

school with the incentive being brand new bicycles

Legends Basketball

We Are Legends!

Students attending Texas Legends Basketball Game

Thanksgiving Meals For Families

Helping our communities have a blessed Thanksgiving

Mission Statement

To create environments within our communities that empower children to have access to quality and appropriate opportunities to reach their optimal potential.

Featured Event Highlights


In conjunction with Black history and education, the McDonald’s of Greater North Texas partner with the Dallas Chapter of Continental Societies to host Dallas African American Read-In events

The goal of these events is to honor African-American authors during Black History Month and to encourage kids to read. College Presidents, Lawyers, Judges, Police Officers, and Librarians are invited guests that read books written by African-American authors to all in attendance. This partnership with Continental Societies is to further the pledge to promote reading and literature in our African American community.

“For over 17 years, the Dallas Chapter of Continental Societies has supported the African American Read-In as a major part of our literacy program,” said Judith Nix, Regional Director of the Midwest-Western Region of Continental Societies, Inc. “By hosting these events year after year, our hope is that African American literacy will become a fundamental part of celebrating Black History Month.”

McDonald’s provide each child attendee with a McDonald’s backpack filled with school supplies and a book written by an African American author.

About Continental Societies, Inc. - Dallas Chapter

The Continental Societies, Inc. is a national organization with a mission to create healthy educational environments and opportunities to empower children. Over the past five years, the Dallas Chapter has serviced over 300,00 children. More importantly, the members of this chapter are committed to improving the quality of life for all children. But, our approach is about more than just giving donations. We have dedicated thousands of volunteer hours every year for the last 37 years to support children in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We support children through outreach programs, in youth centers, schools, pediatric wards, homes for the delinquent and wherever there is a need. Continentals volunteer through tutoring, mentoring, after-school programs, health events, food drives, clothes donations, walk-a-thons and much more. The Dallas Chapter of Continentals is especially active in the community and we rely heavily on the generosity of sponsors and donors.